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Come along on a bicycle tour to the Southern part of Lolland

The island of South Lolland is ideal for cycling. The flat landscape and the quiet country roads enable you to enjoy the scenery whilst pedaling along. There is much history attached to this area: the cultivation of sugar beets, the flooding and subsequent construction of the long dike, the reclamation of large parts of land in the former fjord, and the direct line to Germany to mention some major events.

Why not come along on a guided cycling tour in English of South Lolland! En route, we shall pass through small villages, view manor houses, the special canal system and pumping stations keeping the fjord dry. You will also see traces of the tracks used when transporting the sugar beets on small train wagons. Furthermore, you will see and hear about more recent developments in the area, not least the preparations for the large construction project: the Femern Tunnel.

We shall cycle the approx. 30 - 35 km in a leisurely pace with time for taking photographs, and we shall make stops where you will get a taste of local produce for which the island is known: fruit juices, beer, fruit, cheese, sweets.

The tours start at the Stop ‘n Sleep Hotel located on your right-hand side when you disembark from the Scandlines ferry from Germany. For information about ferry schedule and prices for crossing, please check You can of course also join if you are already in Denmark. We shall return here after the cycling tour, which will last approx. 4 hours.

You will find the schedule for guided tours listed below. It is also available at the Tourist Information Offices on Fehmarn and Lolland.

If you have not brought you own bicycle with you, you can hire one from the local kiosk in the main street of Rødbyhavn. To make sure a bicycle if available, please indicate that you need a bicycle on the registration form.

Bicycle standard and assistance in case of puncture or the like
In your own interest, we recommend that you check your bicycle is in good shape. Should you encounter problems along the way, you will get help to fix the problem.

We advise you to follow the instructions given by the tour guide. Please be aware that in case of any accident, you can only make claims to your own insurance company. 

Guided walking tour of Rødbyhavn

Rødbyhavn – Shipyard, International Ferry Port, Rødbygård, Trading Station, Indoor Holiday Complex

Many people just know Rødbyhavn as a ferry port for travelling either North to Scandinavia or South to continental Europe. Naturally, the ferry line has played an important role in the development of the town throughout the years, but there is much more to tell about Rødbyhavn.

Come along on this town walk and hear about good and bad times, the big plans related to the building the shipyard, the reason for establishing the home for mentally handicapped Rødbygård, the duty-free trade, the significance of the direct train and ferry line to Germany and the construction of the large holiday complex Lalandia.

Duration: approx. 1.5 hours

Meeting place: Scandlines ferry terminal, Exit for foot passengers

Coming tours/Prices:

Cycling Tours 2018:

Saturday 12th May 10.30 - approx. 16.00: Along the dike to the holiday home area Østersøbadet, further inland to the village Errindlev, where we visit the chair museum situated in the former dairy building. From here we cycle to the manor house Lungholm to the village Holeby. Here we pay a visit at the Gallery Collage, situated peacefully in the wood. We cycle back to the ferry harbour along the old railway track via Rødby. Approx. 30 km.

Saturday 26th May 10.30 - approx. 16.30: Passing the village of Hyldtofte we cycle to Errindlev, where we visit the chair museum situated in the former dairy building. From here we cycle past the manor house Lungholm to the small museum Polakkasernen that shows how the Polish women who came here to work in the sugar beet fields lived. From here we take another route back, partly along the old railway track. Approx. 35 km.

Other cycling tours offered during the Summer season (to be announced):

Tour A:
Manor houses Lungholm, Bremersvold und Kærstrup, woodlands, the villages Hyldtofte, Errindlev and Fuglse, the once harbour town Rødby, back to Rødbyhavn along the former railway track (approx. 35 km)

Tour B:
Along the dike east of the ferry port, viewing of the preparations for future tunnel construction, the flooding in 1872 and the endikement, holiday homes at Østersøbadet, the nature reserve area Saksfjed-Hyllekrog and the nature center Lyttesholm. (approx. 20 km cycling and 10 km walk)

Tour C:
The town of Rødbyhavn and the old harbour, the estate Lidsø, endikement of the former Rødby Fjord, woodlands and wetland, the pumping station and harbour at Kramnitze, cycling trail along the dike, holiday homes along the coast and the resort Lalandia. (approx. 25 km)

Town Walks:

Wednesday 2, 10.30
Monday 14, 10.30
Friday 25, 14.30
Monday 28, 14.30


Cycling: Apple juice, sandwich with local products i.a. cheese and sausage, fruits of the season, coffee/tea and cake, samples of local beer or wine from Loland.
Town walk: Coffee/tea & cake, sample of local cider or wine.

Price for adults 16+ incl. snack/drink. To be paid in cash at start of the tour.

Guided cycling tour: DKK 150 (Euro 20), Children: DKK 75 (Euro 10)

Family: DKK 400 (Euro 50), Groups 5-10: DKK 600 (Euro 80)

Town walk: DKK 80 (Euro 10), Children DKK 45 (Euro 6)

Family: DKK 225 (Euro 30), Groups 5 - 10: DKK 350 (Euro 47)


This project has received support from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (ELFUL)




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